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SRL Members Receive AIM-AHEAD “HEART” Fellowships

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Congratulations to Lambert Leong, Arianna Bunnell, and Dustin Valdez for being chosen for inclusion in the AIM-AHEAD “HEART” Fellowship.

AIM-AHEAD engages early-career researchers working with under-represented populations using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The emphasis of the program is to reduce health disparities and promote health equity. AIM-AHEAD Research Fellows gain support through funding, training, and data to better support their work in the AI/ML field for under-represented populations.

Lambert Leong, Arianna Bunnell, and Dustin Valdez have each done essential research into identifying risk factors for underrepresented groups in the Pacific Islands and utilizing AI to better detect these factors. This work has impacted many ongoing SRL projects including the Three Compartment Breast Lesion Detection Study, the Makawalu Study, the Hawaiʻi and Pacific Islands Mammography Registry, and the AI Precision Health Institute.

We are looking forward to what they’ll accomplish as part of the AIM-AHEAD “HEART” Fellowship!

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