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SRL at the 2020 Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop

The Human Research Program (HRP) is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe, productive human space travel.  They work to improve astronauts’ ability to collect data, solve problems, respond to emergencies, and remain healthy during and after extended space travel. Additionally, part of their mission is to educate the public about the challenges of human space travel.

The Investigators’ Workshop is the annual meeting for funded investigators with a goal of providing an informal, collegial atmosphere for cross-disciplinary interaction. This year’s theme is Human Exploration Small Steps Lead to Giant Leaps: Translating Research into Space Exploration.

Our submission(s) this year include:

Michael Omori
Simulating Microgravity Effects and Changes on Body Shape

John Shepherd
Space-Feasible Body Composition and Body Shape Analysis for Long Duration Missions (Astro3DO)

Michael and John posing with their posters at HRA IWS 2020. They also did a live demo that demonstrated the technology development on the project.

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