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Orangetheory’s Transformation Challenge partners with UH Cancer Center

The Body Composition Lab, one of the services offered by SRL at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, has partnered with Orangetheory Fitness. The lab is offering body composition analysis to participants in the studio’s annual Transformation Challenge.

What is the Transformation Challenge?

Each year, Orangetheory Fitness members are invited to participate in a challenge to kickstart their fitness journey. It begins early in the year, this year starting on January 17th, and lasts for eight weeks.

Participants pay $35 and receive InBody scans at the start of the challenge and when the challenge ends. The overall goal of the challenge had previously been weight loss but since 2020, success now looks at body composition. Studios with InBody machines declare the winner based on the highest percentage of body fat loss. During the challenge, participants are required to attend three classes a week for at least six of the weeks during the challenge.

Local participation

Orangetheory Fitness in Kakaako, close neighbors to UH Cancer Center, has a productive annual sign up of around 150 participants. Studios that don’t have an InBody machine, like the location at Kakaako, typically have to keep with the weight loss measurement of success. This year, members were excited to switch to body composition through a visit with the Body Composition Lab.

InBody at the Body Composition Lab

At the UH Cancer Center, the Body Composition Lab offers a variety of services including DXA Scans, 3D Optical Scans, and Metabolic Assessments. The InBody machine, the test utilized by Transformation Challenge participants, uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), a great way to measure body fat mass. BIA sends a low-level electrical current throughout the body to identify lean mass and fat mass in each body segment.

For the start of the challenge, over 140 individuals have signed up for their initial BIA test. Our members at SRL are excited to be able to offer these services to our community and wish everyone luck with their Transformation Challenge!

A person laying on a table connected to an InBody machine.
For an InBody test, subjects have electrodes clipped around their ankles and their fingers.

Learn more about the Body Composition Lab


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