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Orangetheory Challenge concludes with a follow up at the Body Composition Lab

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard through the 2022 Transformation Challenge at Orangetheory Fitness! At the start of the challenge, participants came to our Body Composition Lab for an InBody scan, giving them their starting body fat percentage. Whoever could reduce this number the most by attending classes at their gym would be announced the winner and receive a prize.

Last week, about 100 members from Orangetheory Fitness returned to their lab for their follow up InBody scan. Each person checked in and waited to be called in for their brief analysis. Their results came immediately, shown next to their original score, so that all participants could see how they transformed.

Upon arrival, participants simply checked in with their name, consented to the scan, and waited for their turn.

The Transformation Challenge was an amazing way to show how body composition tracking can promote healthy change in a person’s life. We are thankful that this partnership between Orangetheory Fitness and the Body Composition Lab gave us the opportunity to share important tools with our community.

What is the Body Composition Lab?

The Body Composition Lab at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center offers a variety of tests that give visitors an understanding of their body composition, exercise physiology, energy and metabolism. These services are used for research, including several studies within Shepherd Research Lab, but are also open to the public for anyone wanting to learn more about their body or their health.

Follow the Body Composition Lab:

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