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Amazing Turnout at Body Composition Lab for Orangetheory Challenge

At the Body Composition Lab, the first week of February this year was lively! As part of a partnership with Orangetheory Fitness for their Transformation Challenge, members signed up to receive an InBody (bioelectrical impedance analysis) scan to measure their starting body fat percentage.

In just one week, a total of 175 individuals came into the lab for their scan. It was an amazing turnout!

Each visit throughout the day went smoothly, with each person spending about 5-10 minutes in the lab. In addition to working efficiently, consistent COVID-19 protocols ensured the safety of all staff and subjects. Visitors were required to show proof of vaccination before entering the lab and were checked for symptoms through a self report and a temperature check. Between subjects, the lab was also thoroughly sanitized.

At the end of the challenge, all participants are expected to return for a second scan to see their transformation.

What is the Body Composition Lab?

The Body Composition Lab at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center offers a variety of tests that give visitors an understanding of their body composition, exercise physiology, energy and metabolism. These services are used for research, including several studies within Shepherd Research Lab, but are also open to the public for anyone wanting to learn more about their body or their health.

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